Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Amazing applications of Raspberry Pi, Part-1

Amazing applications of Raspberry Pi, Part-1 
This amazing piece of hardware was launched in 2012 now almost everyone knows or heard about this device. This is a palm sized computer which is capable to run media centers or servers, this device also has connectivity options which helps to control security systems. This device found to be very helpful in student-teacher interactive learning.
 This article states various amazing applications of this little device named as Raspberry Pi Using Raspberry Pi as a media center is most common but this device is capable of more than that. This device can be used to accomplish various purposes as you can see around the web. We are intended to describe some of the applications of this little computer. Application No.1 –Make a portable computer using Raspberry Pi and your Kindle-As you can see this is one of the great accomplishments which combine Raspberry Pi with Kindle e-reader.1)   Connect USB to micro USB cable
2)   Jailbreak your kindle and install the UsbNetwork which is a emulator and a tool
3)   One’s your kindle device is unlocked and subordinate utilities are installed, you are good to go – now you can use your kindle as a display device to your Pi
4)   Remember – This works only with Kindle devices with integrated keyboard
5)   Collect more information before proceeding to this
 Note: - This setup may involve additional equipments and utilities  

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