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Most common types of Arduino

Most common types of Arduino

Arduino is everywhere now a day, every person who know a bit of electronics should heard this word once or twice. So, what is this Arduino?

Arduino is an open source electronics platform which is used for prototyping because this comes with hardware and software which are easy to use and are flexible. This is the perfect platform for artists, hobbyists or to the people who want to create interactive objects. Arduino senses the environment as it is capable to take input from various sensors and it outputs various processes by controlling various actuators like lights, motors etc.

Types of Arduinos
There are various types in Arduino boards; this discussion covers only most common Arduino boards.

1)     Arduino Uno – This is the most common version of Arduino boards. Most of the people consider Uno as they mention Arduino boards. More discussion of this board canbe found in next chapters of this article.
2)    Arduino NG, Diecimila, and the Duemilanove (Legacy Versions) – the NG, diecimila, Duemilanove are considered as legacy versions of Arduino Uno. Differences between common Uno and Legacy boards are –
·        Diecimila and NG are composed of ATMEGA 168 chipsets.
·        Both of these Arduino boards comes with jumper settings near USB port so there a need of manual selection of USB or battery power.
·        user need to hold the rest button on Arduino NG for few seconds before uploading a program.

3)   Arduino Mega 2560 – The mega is the second most used board of the Arduino family. This board can be mentioned as big brother of UNO. This comes with 256KB of memory which is 8 times higher than Uno. This board comes with 54 inputs & output pins, 16 pins are analog and 14 can do PWM. This board makes your project more powerful but the size of the project increases.
4)     Arduino Mega ADK – this is the special version of Mega. This board is a special design made to interface with Android Smartphones.
5)     Arduino LilyPad – this is also a special purpose board designed for wearable technology. This board is designed to embed in fabrics with other components which are connected with conductive threads. Wearable technology is booming and this board is one effort to make it possible.

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