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Stages for obtaining first page of Google using link wheels

Stages of obtaining first page of Google using link Wheels

 Last Year link wheels have created a new trend in SEO. We get different point of views from different people regarding the link wheels. Some people like them, some dislike and others think that they won’twork as other authorized links.

According to us, merging multiple wheels along with a well balanced link building operation gives the fast display of first page Google results. Link building service provider should merge link wheels, and submit each hub of the wheel to 20 that follow authority social book marking sites. They need to use Targeted place one way links, social book marking, and High page rank link directories. After merging these four types of links you can lift your website from bottom to top. Be careful while choosing your link building service provider. You can ask queries and you should confirm that they will modify to a well balanced link building operation.

A dangerous stage here is you should be definite about the wheel, whether it is exposed to 20 top social book marking sites or not. The professional link building service can also submit to RSS feeds. By considering these steps you can move to the Google’s first page. Improve your page ranking and look out your website traffic spike.

If you are expecting your wheel to show some magic, then you have to work out and add some helpful and exclusive contents in to your website. You may feel tired by the same and old contents, but there is no other way for quality content. This not only improves the popularity of the site but also raises the ranking of your site compared to other sites in search engines. Link wheel may help draw traffic, hard work has no substitute. If you want your website to reach the top page of the Google and remain the same then, you must go on building your links everyday.

The link wheels have no value if you don’t use right keywords. You should concentrate on exclusive contents of the site, if not then it is the wastage of time.

Following are the five steps so that the link wheel can make your website more popular.

1.     Assignment should be made and investigate your keywords, which you are going to highlight in your link wheel is optimized into the content of your website.

2.     Update exclusive articles for every link in your wheel, and be aware to write some new fresh articles that would create interest among viewers.

3.     You can find improvement by posting an article to a authority web 2.0 sites like Squidoo or Hubpages place a link to you major website, and another link to the next spoke in your link wheel on first day.

4.     You have to generate different spoke everyday at a different web 2.0 authority site, until you are satisfied with your spokes in the website.

5.     If you are finished with your link wheel, continue to form it with new exclusive articles to the links in your wheel.

These are the basic steps for the beneficial link wheel. I feel to notify that Google is taking much care about link wheels, so the link wheel should change to an open link wheel with multiple hubs.

Link wheels are the trending tools of SEO technique which are highly successful. This technique helps to achieve higher organic search engine rankings. ACS SEO approach helps you to build strong link wheel campaign with reduced costs. 100% effectiveness guaranteed.

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