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Android mobile application development and outsourcing

Android mobile application development and outsourcing

Android has taken control over the mobile application development market and many companies are trusting android app development projects as a base for mobile application development. Now-a-days usage of android is growing faster because it is an open source platform, and this is the reason where mobile application developers are trying to explore android as the best mobile platform. Mobile application development starts with free app development tools and technologies. The easiest way for meeting customer’s demands is through Android-based development projects.

Mobile developers who are using android applications usually take up java language through scripting layer for android (SL4A) that is used constantly for writing applications in python, Perl and other environments. The recent development in android platform like Android 2.3 and Android 4.0 has caused more opportunities in mobile development field. As the effect of this, now we can get applications in Android as the latest versions support Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR technologies.
Developers are provided with Android SDK for the App development process and environment for writing, testing and debugging mobile apps.
The Eclipse IDE can be used for fast and easy Android application development process. For enhancing the quality and quantity of Android mobile applications, we can use Eclipse IDE. For this, modification of Eclipse IDE can be done using Android Development Tools Plugin.
Testing and debugging process using Android device-emulators is done smoothly using Android Emulator. This helps the developers to generate an environment which replicates the features of the OS as well as the mobile devices.
Android app developers use Android framework APIs and take help of a plethora of C/C++ libraries. The libraries used includes System C library, SQ lite, SGL graphics, 3D library and some others technologies.
Mobile app developers sell off their mobile solutions in the Android Market, who basically work on Android app development and advertise it through website. Android Marketplace is actually an application store which was introduced by Google for Android-based apps distribution. The apps are created and spread out by developers worldwide and the store now claims more than 200,000 Android apps which show that it is second to the iOS and is as popular as iOS. The Android platform has broadly spread out its wings in the mobile app development market and has acquired considerably more for tablet PCs. With the start up of the multinational software development market, the mobile market is implementing outsourcing which is resulting in fast and quality work output.

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